Where Talents
Become a Star

With EchoFellow, artists are not only can get a fellow, but
EchoFellow will also connects the artist to venue, event,
record label and places the song to every channel of the industry.


In Echofellow we connect with the event organizer, they need new and fresh artists can be group or duo, solo or antoher format, EO wili be pickin up the right artists to play on their show based on echofellow website data.

Artists Management

Collaborate with Colors Production (Profesional Artists Management), We have set up a management system for the artist/new musicians who required professional management.Manage from the show schedule till distribution channel.

Record Label

Connected with record label, where they will be looking for potential artists with a fresh concept and a proven track based on echofellow data shown they can be accepted by the market.


Many channels distribution an be used to distribute your songs, starting from National scale for RBT with Telkomsel, Indosat, and XL into international scale such as iTunes, Amazon MP3, Deezer, Spotify.


Artists need gigs, echofellow bring them to you, bring more fans, and the venue owner will be pleasure to invite you to play on their place.